ankle-leggings-roundlap-gold-and-champagne-on-white-close-upTyping on google the word “leggings” you will find 250 million results. An impressive number! But to understand how huge it is, let us compare it to other popular keywords:

“Pope Francis” 53 million results;

“The Queen Elisabeth” 55 million;

Rockstar “Madonna” 170 million;

“Coldplay” 79 million;

“Steven Spielberg” 25 million;

“Mahatma Gandhi” 135 million;


Anyway so far from 250 million of leggings.

This happens for one simple reason: the universe of leggings embraces different worlds, sometimes very far apart.

But, what does leggings mean for world and their inhabitants? How they can mantain their always central role in fashion industry?

Leggings sport mates

Over time more and more athletes have left an unconscious way of wearing clothes, embracing the idea that part of the athletic result depends on what they wear. This is valid for sports such as yoga, running, swimming. In the latter case the “playground” the activewear teach it is formidable. Just think of the US swim team, wearing a costume that allows to:

achieve maximum hydrodynamic, reducing friction and turbulence; the house that produced it has made use of the advice of the NASA aerospace section, testing the costume through “wind tunnels” space agency. To reduce the flow resistance of the body, it has used synthetic channels University of New Zealand, the best minds in the field.

The activewear teach it’s came a Great results also in the running and in Yoga. In tights for Yoga and Running the need of the athlete is to warn leggings like a second skin of their legs. For this reason is born the production of seamless leggings that make more free the body and more light in movement without the classic seams on the sides (and pockets) typical of the pants.(for the the eternal struggle between leggings e paints read here) But that of seamless leggings is not only a technical choice, but also affects the aesthetic sphere. Now we see in what sense the leggings in sports occupied not only a role technical, but also aesthetic.

Activewear and glam: live sports with a touch of fashion

For many women, the major changes are accompanied by two choices, that is the starting point of that change: a new haircut can make her see with new eyes, and start (methodically) to take exercise.

If the first choice just go from your trusted hairdresser and give it at rest, hoping not to have made a risky assessment to the second choice, the debate becomes more complex. In fact, beyond the sport that you choose to do, any time that revolves around the sport (from outfits to go for sport until such time as it is in the way back) today’s woman lives wanting to please, wanting to gratify her inner desire to please, that same desire that led her to choose to play sports, to take care of herself and physical form. So while not confusing the gym (or the path of a race) with a catwalk or red carpet, but in women has increased the need to treat in detail your sports outfits with a feminine touch winking at the world of fashion. Obviously the fashion and sports industries have been able to catch this need by offering products that are more in line with a lifestyle sport that does not renounce even for a moment to the aesthetic taste, the desire to look like each other, and when we run or while you practice Yoga, but by the moments that precede or follow the sport (get out of the gym and meet their friends wearing a pair of seamless leggings comfortable and lovely as these for example).

Think about it! More and more Hollywood stars are immortalized after a run, on their return from a sports practice, and yet to see the photos you immediately understand how they too (they would all interests to remain in the anonymity of their privacy) however do not give up at sophisticated  activewear garments.

The fashion industry, however, were not limited to capture the needs of their end customers, but (someone standing out from the most) has tuned its production policy with the latest issues of eco-sustainability promoted by world leaders in the fight against pollution.

Eco-Clothing e Eco-Design

Eco-sustainability has been discussed for over 50 years but only in recent decades, the industry has made some real progress towards responsible production. In particular in 2006 London has seen a remarkable example of Eco-design. A London-based company it bought (just before they were left to themselves) 12 of old Double Decker Bus typical of London traffic, and turned them into walking housing specifically designed for tourists and relocation.

The slogan reads “Still to London service.”

A global industry key area is the fashion. And if in other areas the sustainability theme is stated, in the world of textiles is relatively new.

But how the fashion world creates eco-friendly projects?

Through the exclusive use of organic and natural fiber fabrics

Through the use of new materials on the result of machining scraps and wastes

Through the recycling of waste such as paper and plastic they are recycled to create new products

An example of fashion recycling is Coverleg, a company in Florence that produces Eco Leggings. (They are the first to do it in the world)

The fabric of Eco Leggings is derived from industrial waste and knitted to deliver the same quality and performance of virgin yarns . In this way, it’s possible to reduce the environmental impact and prevent the releases of harmful substances to human health. The process is garanted by Green soul.

The colors used are non toxic paints based on water; the technique used to transfer the colored pattern on white fabric is called transfer press that is the best production system on the market is about the details of the design that the solidity ‘and loyalty’ of colors as well as the most ‘ecofriendly’ cause it does not use chemical fixings or additional finishing.

Whether the yarn, the fabric, that all production steps are 100% made in Italy. Maintaining thus also the other great theme del’eco-sustainability of local production to 100%.

Eco Leggings has its focus on eco-sustainability, therefore, it has the best care and auks aesthetic details, in order to give the market something that is not just a product but a way of thinking about beauty, harmony of lines , making you feel more fit.

Eco Leggings and Eco fashion: not just a product but an idea of the world

It was in World War II that leggigns made their first appearance. A wear them were the military under pants of his uniform. The history of leggings (which we discussed here) part decidedly uphill. Over time they have won increasingly large audience, but most have been involved in an aesthetic evolution that has made it a piece of clothing to wear to work, glamorous evenings, in the busy lives of mothers, as well as in more different sports.

If you are wondering how did you become an item of clothing so chameleon-like, the answer is found by two main factors:

  1. Leggings are born for their comfort: and if it is true that very often beauty is synonymous with suffering (high heels, camisoles, hours behind makeup and wigs) leggings in this are the exception that proves the rule. If at the beginning of their coming to market, their flexibility allowed some freedom of movement, in recent years have played a role as second skin for the wearer. In a sense to wear them it is like not to have them, and in this sense are also served to win an anachronistic sense of decency that prevented some women from wearing tight clothing experiencing so finally the lines of your body freely.
  2. Leggings today are created to answer all the highest aesthetic demands: the fabrics they are made enable the body to be molded exalting, naturally, the harmony of the lines of every woman. Also through sophisticated forms and designs, prints of which are compounds also return to the most demanding aesthetic judgment the desire to wear them and live the glamorous protagonists, with the right sense of lightness to a garment that comes to feel increasingly comfortable

It ‘s time to make some concrete example. The lines that we talked about, and comfort of the latest generation, located in Coverleg their highest expression.

Examples are the 5 different models of the last premium Florentine collection Eco Leggings:

  1. Starboard
  2. Roundlap
  3. Bandside
  4. Camometic
  5. Optidot

Embrace the freedom of movement without compromise, and find by yourself your favourite pairing with both leggings’ sides. Beacuse Coverleg are reversible.

Coverleg is this: a concentration of technology, handicraft made in Italy in the original design and style. A combination of ingredients that has been enclosed in capsule, just like a beauty extract. Obviously when you are about to do suitcases for the next trips, the Eco Leggings can be folded and take up much less space.

 The best travel companion

Travel! Holidays! Two words that makes you want to depart for various destinations. But also to do so pleasant things have to be arranged. For men, the first thought is “Documentation, currency exchange, organizing various schedules and commitments.” For the feminine world, the first question is “What should I pack?” Usually the end result is that of a couple in late in aereporto with plane tickets left on the hall table at home and a beautiful row of bags (three for her a little for him).

Obviously with a little organization the scenery will be definitely more serene. First of all for an ideal organization of space in your suitcase are a few useful tips. With a series of straight fact you can make a functional suitcase without wrinkling the hateful.

Here are 6 tips to pin:

  1. First choose the most suitable type of suitcase to the medium with which you are traveling.
  2. Avoid clothing that usually do not wear because changing place not even the style will change. It would be nice for garments that would make the trip, certainly not for you that you would have wasted precious space.
  3. Choose clothes according to the climate and the activities we do during our holiday.
  4. The choice of shoes (a monster with a thousand heads) in principle always remember our favorite for the evening, but the super-comfortable to use during the day.
  5. Create combinations of already, so as not to be in the uncomfortable possibility of having to buy during the holiday a body to match the skirt cream that we packed up.
  6. Choose same clothes for different combinations. Avoiding to meet a suitcase with an exaggerated weight.

Precisely in the latter direction, the choice to carry a garment as the leggings, it is a winner both in terms of space and weight. In fact, in addition to being a garment to zero weight, it can be rolled up without any risk of wrinkling, reducing the occupied space, and thus being able to exploit the suitcase to the maximum of its capacity.

And thanks chameleonic aspect of leggings (suitable for both sports and evening) we will have with us a garment that will accompany us in different contexts that we will live on vacation. If we are Eco Leggings we will have the pleasure of hearing on our body tissue using the seamless technique.

Do not forget that leggings are a garment suitable for traveling. Stretch your legs and feel light and free when traveling will also be good for our physical and mental health.

You must remember, when making a suitcase, that during any long trip, there will always be a time when when you’ll need to carry it by yourself.

Activewear and Health

Feel your own body, also it means knowing how to respond through healthy choices about responsible lifestyles. More and more women are careful about their physical form, despite the bustle and stress of any kind do not help them to be constant in this. Over time has grown the number of women that deals with the care of your body through a conscious use of creams with healing properties, but also through the choice of mineral make-up products, able to meet in a natural way the skin gently.

If this type of self-empowerment is fortunately widespread, the same awareness can not be said about the fabrics we choose when we buy a garment. In fact, too often we choose our garment relying in large part to our aesthetic taste that makes us fall in love with that particular dress (fitting and chic maybe).

But the questions that must be done are:

  1. With what I’m putting to contact my body?
  2. What impact has this dress on my regular blood circulation?
  3. What impact has this production about the world I live?

Regarding the first question too often we fall into the temptation to buy on the basis of fanciful designs, eye-catching prints. The phrase that often resonates is: “it was a long time that I was looking for. At last is mine!” But those prints and drawings with what has been produced? It can happen to suffer an inflammation of the skin and find out only after it is due to the kind of prints produced not by law. In this sense it may be useful to know that there is a technique used to prevent any kind of harmful effect on health of the person wearing the dress, or rather the transfer or indirect printing.

We can find a perfect example in the designs printed on all Eco Leggings Coverleg.

Regarding the second question, perhaps few know that wearing a dress too tight further slows the return of blood from the veins to the heart, as well as make us feel all the time in which we carry on, even a sense of mental oppression. Yet when it comes time to choose the fitting dress, the only thought is given to how we draw the shapes. Again the monopoly of aesthetic judgment. As if there was not the possibility to combine the aesthetic with that of health. Here, too, the example of the Florentine house producer of the first Eco Leggings helps us to understand once and for all that by creating seamless leggings body of the wearer is more ‘free in movement, without any harmful compulsion to our health, and also be produced without the classic seams on the sides (and pockets), aesthetically this ‘leads to greater continuity’ of the pattern on the leg. And ‘therefore a choice that encompasses health and beauty. Just be aware of what we are buying.

Regarding the aspect of environmental impact of a particular clothes, a few years the world of fashion has shown some interest in eco-sustainable production. An example is Fernando Gerscovich.

An entrepreneur from Los Angeles who founded a company that produces espadrillas in jute instead of rubber, and organic cotton fabrics. Gerscovich he explained the ecological sustainability of its products by saying that “If you make a hole in the ground, you put into our shoes along with some seeds, and we add the water, grow a plant.”

The Eco-fashion, however, also has another way to contribute to the health of our planet. In fact, another great theme is that of re-use of waste. Giving new life to materials that would otherwise increase the level of pollution of our planet through a healthy and creative reuse. In this direction he was born in Italy the first Eco Leggings. The fabric of Coverleg is derived from industrial waste and knitted to deliver the same quality and performance of virgin yarns . Thanks to this production process it’s possible to reduce the environmental impact on the world and prevent the releases of substances harmful to human health.