Wraparound “fuseau” have entered the retail market in 1960 by designers like Mary Quant and Emilio Pucci. Already in 1954  Audrey Hepburn  wear capri leggings in the movie Sabrina. And the leggings history started.


leggings history audrey-hepburn


We find them in the 70s , another film set: Grease. The protagonist Sandy, energetic and with a permanent impossible to forget, circling wearing them in various dance scenes. Of the same year 70s are leggings that wore the Charlie Angel. Also the beautiful Charlie’s girl enter therefore in the history of leggings.

leggings history-charlies-angels-


In the 80s leggings became the symbol garment. This happens both through the promotion of mainstream fashion, which is a symbol Madonna, wearing them on stage in his concerts, under a “simple” wedding dress. And thanks to the fact that just in the 80 ‘rampant fitness craze, which leggings become the dress par excellence of those who come into the gym, and even those who leave after the workout.

leggings history madonna


In the 90s  is TV to make the protagonist leggings, through the then TV-style icons. In the United States through the very popular TV series Clarissa Explains It All; but it was also easy to see them worn in some music videos of gritty Spice Girl. Of course their were eccentric leggings as demanded their image. Nothing to do with the “baby” in the house CoverlegStarborad. This definitely would wear for a night out or to go to the gym.

leggins hisotry The Spice Girls



After the 90 ‘, the leggings history have seen dropping their leading role in fashion every day, but only for a short time. From 2008 onwards returned to be protagonists with style icons like Rihanna and Victoria Beckham making leggings garment “liberating” because convenient, but also sought after because he was conceived and designed to be a fashion garment. After all just look at the very latest models Coverleg to realize how this dress has lived an evolution in the aesthetic field and also in terms of the production process.



The leggings today are not only a comfortable garment but also a way to overcome  shyness, being a wraparound head and at the same time with a design conceived to enhance the natural shape of the body of the wearer. In this the choice of Coverleg to eliminate the side seams, making the most ‘slender body shape and more’ free in their movements, without the classic seams on the sides (and pockets) typical of the pants.

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