Leggings are not pants! Maybe they don’t. Maybe they are even better than pants. Let us say it: leggings are unquestionably one of the most successful piece of clothes of last years. However, despite the widening of their popularity, plenty of people around the web would break this leggings fame down, as when someone affirms that leggings are not pants.

Leggings are not pants? Sure, but…

It seems weird but there are specific Pinterest’s and Tumblr’s blogs focused on this issue. Ok, we are a little bit biased on the argument, but we strongly believe in leggings as a “different thing”. Because leggings were born to be different and make difference in woman’s life. Don’t you think so?

Well, here is 5 reason that will change your mind on the issue.

1. Noway, leggings are the most comfortable thing

For some strange reason leggings are one of the most debated fashion item ever. Why? Honestly, what we can politely say is: we don’t know and we don’t care. There is no need of make flattering comments on leggings confort. Any tailored pants can hardly return the same feelings of a well designed leggings.

2. No pockets, No problems

Surely only a man can take up the idea of leggings with pockets. Since leggings are the “solution” to the question “what the hell I wear today?” they also begun the design’s solution for cutting off pockets. Et voilà 

Otherwise, bags for who are made for?

3. Leggings “belong” to legs

Well, our name – Coverleg – seems to say the opposite, but leggings have a special relationship with the legs they dress up: leggings “belong” to your legs, while pants can just cover them.

4. A skirt makes sense anyway

Wearing a skirt under a fantastic pair of leggings is a stylish touch that no existing pants can reach (a skirt under pants? what awful though)

5. There are no pants you can wear inside out

To say the truth, almost all leggings on market aren’t wearable inside out. But this is why Coverleg leggings are totally different!