If you try to type on google the word “leggings” you will find 250 million results. An enormous number!

But in order to understand better this number, let’s try to compare it with other popular searches:

  • “Pope Francis” 79 million results
  • “Coldplay” 53 million
  • “Madonna” 170 million
  • “Steven Spielberg” 25 million
  • “Mahatma Gandhi” 135 million
  • “The Queen Elisabeth” 55 million

It is clear enough the distance from 250 million of leggings. This happens because leggings’ universe concerns very different fields.

Why leggings mantain their always central role in fashion world?

Well, among several reasons we can cite that:

  1. Leggings is sport mates
  2. With leggings you live sports with a touch of fashion
  3. Are the best travel companion due to its flexibility
  4. Are comfortable dress for healthy legs
  5. Outfits for all occasions

Another interesting fact we recorded in last years is a 5% less in jeans sales. According to Mark Parker, CEO at Nike,  “Leggings are the new denim“. The industry of leggings is growing year by year,  a huge resuòt in increasingly competitive market such as fashion. Coverleg, the first Eco-leggings 100% made in Italy, is a perfect example of this success. Here is 5 different collections of last premium Florentine Eco Leggings:

  1. Starboard
  2. Roundlap
  3. Bandside
  4. Camometic
  5. Optidot

Coverleg Leggings

The future of leggings is Eco-fashion?

Eco-sustainability is a much discussed topic in recent 50 years, but only in recent time, the industry has made some real progress in terms of production.

An interesting case comes from London company that  it bought (just before they were left to themselves) 12 old Double Decker Bus typical of London traffic, and turned them into walking housing specifically designed for tourists and relocation.

 “Still to London service.” This was the slogan written on each running bus in London.

But, what is making the fashion world in terms of sustainability?

In the world of textiles the theme of sustainability is relatively new. We can divide the fashion eco-friendly projects in three actions:

  1. Through the use of new materials on the result of machining scraps and wastes
  2. Through the recycling of waste such as paper and plastic they are recycled to create new products
  3. Through the exclusive use of organic and natural fiber fabrics

An example onwaste reuse is Coverleg, that produces Eco Leggings. (first case in the world)

The crafting of Eco Leggings is derived from recycling of industrial waste. In this way, it’s possible to reduce the environmental impact and prevent the releases of harmful substances to human health.

The technique used to transfer the colored pattern on white fabric is called “transfer press” that is the best production system on the market, because it does not use chemical fixings or additional finishing. The colors used are paints (no toxic) based on water.

All production steps are 100% made in Italy, since local production is another great theme of eco-sustainability. Eco Leggings is also synonymous with aesthetic sensibility. They offer at the market something that is not just a product but a way of creating  beauty, harmony of lines and elegant design.

With Coverleg it’s possible finally combine the freedom of movement with the elegance that every woman desires.