Have you ever heard of Psychology of Color?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the attention you receive depends on dress you wear?

It happened to change mood according to the dress?

The color has an incredible effect on people, mood, perception and even the choices. How does this happen? Thanks to the psychology of color can we know which connections between one emotional state and the color of the dress we wear.


Red is the color of danger, passion, power, anger and success. You can make alarmed or active. The casino owners have noticed that using the red for the furniture people lose the most, since red full of energy and courage.


The red dress of a woman is synonymous with flirting. Who wears the red in fact communicates to be extrovert lively with a tendency to impose themself on others. So better not to choose a red too strong because it is a color that can overpower people around you.


The yellow communicates optimism and joy because it is associated with the sun and attracts attention. Who wears yellow has a good relationship with himself. It stimulates rationality and the left brain, improves gastric functions and tones the lymphatic system.



Wearer expresses joy and great creativity. The bright orange is best used in small details, the orange off instead makes it more vivid our autumn colors. Usually those who frequently wears, is an enthusiastic person of life and very particular.



It ‘a color that communicates tranquility and relaxation. It brings to mind the nature. The eyes relax watching him. The people that prefer green consider themselves reliable and generous. Wear the green helps to calm a moment of pressure, such as an exam or a test.



Harmony, balance and calm. That’s what this color symbolizes. Who wears the blue light tends to be introverted. It communicates elegance but if used excessively can communicate melancholy; so it is preferable to combine it with warm colors.



The lighter tones of this color express sensuality, the darker ones communicate spirituality. Love it or hate it. Purple can also symbolize the cruelty. It ‘strongly discouraged in the depressions. Wearer frequently has the ability to see the hidden side of things.

jennifer aniston


It‘s usually related to love and tenderness. Pink is women’s world. Symbolizes innocence and birth. It decreases aggression, soothes, softens the emotions. Helps to instill confidence e to be optimistic. It may seem strange, but in ancient times was a male color. 

Julia Roberts


It is among the color most worn. Discreet profound, trendy, elegant, minimalist, it fits every season. As these beautiful Eco Leggins by Coverleg. It streamlines forms and hides the flaws. The wearer can hide behind a so dark a color radiance that gives a few intimates. It ‘a color to be avoided in case of depression. It goes with everything. And the intimate women often is king.



Have you ever noticed what color are the luxury cars in commercials? Just gray. In fact it is the color of wealth and everything that is sophisticated. People who wear gray pose a barrier with the world around them. If you are worn too much risks becoming gloomier.



White is demanding, suitable for a slim body and a strong self-esteem. It is not always easy to wear, is not for everyone. For the Psychology of color white gives elegance to the wearer. Dressed entirely in white is excessive. But with the right touch of white our elegance will be appreciated. It is the symbol of purity, but the wearer also expressed some confidence in themselves.