From the 50’s, sportswear has represented style and elegance inside and outside the playing field. Perhaps because, at that time, sports could only be practised by a social elite. Fortunately, in later years sport has become more popular and affordable for everyone. However, sportswear has gradually lost its value in terms of style. Here are some bad example, just to refresh your memory:

  • how to forget the decadent triacetate tracksuits? Still today there are some crazy people ready to show it off;
  • the fearsome 100% cotton t-shirt, worn with pride with all their patterns. But what a pity the halo of sweat they left all across the gym!
  • shoes chosen without regard of the quality of the sole, but just of the (low!) price detail.

Fashion and sports: how did they evolve together?

First, we must distinguish two areas: what fashion has done for sport and what sport has done for fashion.

In 1930, legendary stylists such as Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli started giving an elegant touch to some very popular sports, like tennis. Later on, other widely famous artists created football and basketball uniforms, making those clothes a new icon of style. Recently, the link between sport and fashion is becoming evident in the gyms.

More and more often, people choose the outfits to use for the gym with the same attention they pay for important evenings dress code.

The fashion world has this great merit: it has brought the sense of style into fitness ordinary life.

How sport has improved the fashion world?

The world of sport has gained a lot of experience on the technical tissues to be used to allow maximum comfort to people wearing sportswear. Such expertise has been made available by sport to the fashion world. In this way, fashion was able to adapt itself to different everyday contexts. In addition, also thanks to sport celebrities, the fashion world has created advertising campaigns that have reached an increasingly wider audience. Therefore, sport has helped fashion to become more popular, because it preferred more authentic testimonials than the privileged movie stars. Over the years, these two worlds (sports and fashion) have shared ideas, styles, audiences, causing an unstoppable revolution and showing fascinating future scenarios.